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James averaged almost 30 points on 58 percent shooting to down the Celtics in five games of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Each of Cleveland’s four victories were decided by double figures, including a Game 2 beatdown that featured a record 41-point halftime lead.

Boston’s only win came in Game 3, and Thomas didn’t even play. Instead, Smart scored 27 to lead six Celtics scoring in double digits.

The Celtics, who had the regular season crown, never stood a chance. With Hayward, they do.

Hayward averaged 22 points on 40 percent shooting from three to push Utah to its first playoff appearance since 2012 and its best season since Jerry Sloan was head coach. Save for Game 3 (only nine minutes played due to illness), he averaged 27 points to lead the Jazz past the Los Angeles Clippers in seven games in the opening round of the playoffs.

To be fair, Tatum also had the highest free throw percentage of any player in this group at 84.9 percent in college. He’s kept that up in summer league, hitting 21 of his 23 shots from the charity stripe.

Finding easy buckets doesn’t just apply to Tatum as a scorer — it matters as a passer, too. Tatum’s biggest weakness as a college player was that he struggled to create for others. He finished his lone season at Duke with 76 turnovers to 62 assists.

That trend has continued in summer league. Tatum currently has 12 turnovers against seven assists through five games. Tatum should get better in this area as time goes on, especially under Cheap Vikings Jerseys a coach who emphasizes sharing the ball like Brad Stevens.

He better. How he grows as a passer will determine his NBA future as Cheap Vintage NHL Jerseys much as anything else.

Here’s a little bit on how these minor league equivalencies work.

Hayward has improved every year he has been in the league, improving his scoring average each of his seven seasons. In 2017, Hayward truly broke out as a top option, making his first All-Star team. When you consider Utah had the slowest pace in the league, Hayward’s 21.9 points per game are even more impressive than they seem. That, combined with how efficient he was, proves that Hayward could have remained a No. 1 option if he needed.

But now he’s next to Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford, and Hayward won’t need to always carry the load himself. That’s great! Hayward is a modern, excellent off-the-ball player both on the catch-and-shoot and slasher roles he filled admirably early in his career. There will still be plenty of shots available for Hayward, especially when Thomas is off the floor.

But if his scoring average dips even slightly, Hayward can take solace in the fact that Boston should roll through an Eastern Conference that has only one real threat to them — Cleveland.

Tebow’s translation, when I asked for it just after his call up, was .190/.264/310, suggesting a major league OPS of 574. That’s not within miles of good enough for the bigs, either. Tebow has torn the cover off the ball since then, notching a 912 OPS in his first 51 plate appearances at High-A. That’s Cheap Throwback Jerseys surely just some small-sample fun, though, before the league’s pitchers catch Cheap US Soccer Jerseys up to whatever the new guy is doing.

Here’s a little bit on how these minor league equivalencies work. They’re not projections of what might happen in the future, but they’re a good way to look backward at how a player would’ve done in a major league environment.

Is Andre Iguodala taunting the Warriors or everyone else?

Iguodala is smart, acerbic, and funny, based on what we as observers get to see. Iguodala is proud. (What high-end athlete isn’t?) Iguodala has been incredibly valuable to the Warriors’ historic run of success and two championships. Iguodala is 33 years old, outside the typical prime of an NBA wing. Iguodala is a free agent.

Ball had a breakout night wearing Kobes scoring 36 points, eight rebounds, 11 assists, and five steals. WHEW. Even LeBron James, who stopped by to watch both lottery teams, noticed and posted a clever Nike ad on Instagram about it. Ball referred to this game as “Mamba Mentality.”

This game he sported James Harden’s shoes, the same ones he wore during his workout with the Lakers during the draft, by Adidas. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ball ad 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 12 assists.

Lonzo Ball came out in yet another pair of shoes in the Summer League quarterfinals of the playoffs. This time, wearing the latest Steph Curry shoes. He finished the night with 14 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists and another Lakers win. Quite the solid stat line from Ball.

Lonzo Ball went out early in the third quarter of this game but he stats in MLB Cheap Jerseys From China the first half were off to a great start. In his Jordan Brand shoes he had 14 points, 10 assists, and four rebounds. He’d finish with 16 points before taking a seat to avoid any further or serious injury. We’ll Cheap Vikings Jerseys never know the full potential of these Jordan 31s.

It is admittedly a small sample size, but if Ball wants to maximize his stats, he should probably stick to the Kobes.

The four-time league MVP loves working out and maintaining his physique.

Folks, it shouldn’t surprise you that millions of people follow James on Instagram. He’s the best player in the league, charitable, and always focuses on his craft. He’s posted photos of himself on the beach, in the gym, and on boats. He’s an ordinary guy.

The four-time league MVP loves working out and maintaining his physique. But who could forget him flexing in the gym while listening to Tee Grizzley’s “First Day Out” on June 15.

LA, a city long loaded with superstars like Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Wayne Gretzky, and Kobe Bryant, is in a bit of uncharted territory with these Dodgers. Despite being the best team in baseball and having six players in Miami as all-stars last week, the club doesn’t have a willing superstar, even if it does have someone who most consider the best pitcher on the planet in Clayton Kershaw.

“I don’t really love all the marketing and all that stuff,” Kershaw said. “I think starting pitchers are hard, going once every five days. You have to have a really outgoing personality, so it’s hard.”

The most sensible choice for the face of the Dodgers is Bellinger, who added to his growing legend by hitting for the cycle against the Marlins last Saturday. Since making his debut April 25, the first baseman/outfielder has cemented himself as one of the game’s best, hitting .273/.356/.635 line with 26 NHL Jerseys Cheap home runs and 62 RBI in just 74 games. That start is even more impressive considering the Miami Heat Cheap Jerseys hype-free start to Bellinger’s major-league career — he was originally thought of as a temporary outfield plug with Joc Pederson and Franklin Gutierrez injured in late April.

The Pacers offered Paul George to the Warriors for Klay Thompson this summer

The Indiana Pacers, while scouring the market this summer for Paul George trade suitors, offered Paul George to the Golden State Warriors for Klay Thompson, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski told his guest, George, on his latest podcast. The Warriors had no interest in the deal, but it’s sure fun to speculate about it.

Here’s the transcript from The Woj Pod, and the episode can be found here.

More importantly, the Sixers’ fun factor is going to rachet up. Joel Embiid is a showman, and he’s going to milk Redick’s exploits for all that they are worth. Johnson is the perfect frontcourt get — he can teach the dark arts of post defense and set a strong example in terms of hard work and playing your role.

Andre Iguodala announced late Saturday he’d remain with the Warriors. He ended up with a three-year, $48 million deal. He played free agency perfectly.

The Jazz kept Joe Ingles on a four-year, $52 million contract. To casual NBA fans, this will seem outrageous. It’s not.

The Rockets continue to stockpile wings. Houston grabbed P.J. Tucker on a four-year, $32 million deal. The Rockets can sign Tucker to the mid-level exception with that contract, or they can work out a sign-and-trade to preserve the exception.

Meanwhile, Nene re-entered the market once the Rockets realized that due NFL Jerseys Outlet to the Over-38 Rule they couldn’t give him the four-year contract they had promised.

Rudy Gobert, Isaiah Thomas, and Hassan Whiteside are fighting over Gordon Hayward NFL Jerseys Authentic via emoji.

The Braves just replaced Turner Field before it served as their home for even 20 years

We’ll eventually get MLB expansion, but it won’t be until Manfred and Co. have squeezed a new stadium out of one city or another to get the A’s and Rays up to speed. Of course, by the time they figure out what’s going on with Oakland and Tampa Bay, maybe another team will decide they don’t like their stadium, and we’ll have to begin the process anew.

It doesn’t take long for this sentiment to appear: The Braves just replaced Turner Field before it served as their home for even 20 years, the Rangers unveiled new stadium plans last spring because Globe Life Park opened all the way back in 1994 when there was only one wild card per league, and the D-Backs are currently complaining about their stadium, Chase Field, which opened in 1998.

So … OK, maybe we won’t get MLB expansion, but we’ll get those international teams because American cities stop paying up for new parks every 20 years. Sorry: if they stop paying up for new parks every 20 years. Either way, expansion is for after stadium situations are resolved, and you’re seeing these places named in case they need to be used as leverage against current big league towns. That’s not as exciting as thoughts of a return to Montreal or putting a team in the most populated city in North America, but it is Cheap Team Soccer Jerseys the reality of this situation.

Tee work is maybe the last thing you want to watch your favorite player do, but throw a countdown clock in there, maybe some teams, and I’m in. Jake Arrieta might have to wait another day Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China to hit pumps in a Pitcher Home Run Derby, but this would probably appease him until then.

The duo of Robertson and Kahnle are the real upgrade

Listen, we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn’t easy. It’s OK, though. Subscribe to our daily MLB newsletter and let us do the heavy lifting for you each morning to find the things you need to see.

Since New York also has issues in center with offense when Jacoby Ellsbury plays and at first base when anyone is playing, plugging one hole in the lineup could go a long way.

The duo of Robertson and Kahnle are the real upgrade, however. While they’re relievers, not starters, New York’s rotation just lost Michael Pineda, meaning they’re going to get even more starts from pitchers who probably shouldn’t be making them: Having more quality relievers to soak up the innings and bridge to the back end of the bullpen will help the Yanks mitigate that problem, and will keep the good relievers they already had from burning out before September.

It helps, too, that Kahnle is not only dominant but also hasn’t even hit his arbitration years yet. The Yankees gave away prospects to improve now, but having Kahnle around for the long run ensures they got something out of this even if 2017 ends without New York making the postseason.

During his senior season he caught 54 passes for 969 yards and 17 touchdowns. He was so Cheap Jerseys And Hats good, in fact, he was recruited by some top football programs including UCLA, Stanford, and Notre Dame. His Linden coach Mike Huber said one of Judge’s signature plays in the red zone was what they called the “Jump Pass” a la Florida quarterback Tim Tebow’s famous one. Judge’s 6’7 233-pound Cheap Jerseys Authentic frame made making the catch easy.

Cahill could be the fifth starter Kansas City needs right now

It’s a trade that makes more sense for the Royals than the Padres as things currently stand, since Kansas City has been looking for pitching depth in the postseason. The Royals are only 1.5 games back from the Cleveland Indians, and with the Indians’ recent stretch of issues, it’s a smart move to shore up the Kansas City rotation and close that gap as soon as possible.

Cahill could be the fifth starter Kansas City needs right now (or even higher in the rotation than that), as he currently has a 3.69 ERA through 11 starts for the Padres. Brandon Maurer (who is a free agent after the 2019 season) has put up an ERA of 5.72 in 42 appearances, notching 20 saves. He is also sporting a 3.23 FIP and a 1.195 WHIP, so while he isn’t throwing sterling stuff this season, he could still certainly be of assistance in the Royals bullpen.

Meanwhile, lefty Ryan Buchter (a free agent after the 2021 season) has a 3.05 ERA with a 1.200 WHIP in 38.1 innings this year, and if he keeps that up, he could make an immediate impact for the Royals.

The trade makes slightly less sense for the Padres, mostly because Matt Strahm is out for the year after having undergone knee surgery for a torn patellar tendon earlier in July. However, he could help San Diego upon his return, as he’s still just 25 years old and finishing up his rookie contract. The Padres could benefit from the Royals’ desire to win now rather than keeping Strahm around for a few more years and see if it works out.

Now, it is worth pointing out that Mauer only has this year and next year left, and then the Twins are free from this monstrosity. However, Minnesota is also fighting for a playoff spot, and Cheap Infant Jerseys the well below-average Mauer is soaking up over one-fifth of the team’s $108 million Opening Day payroll by himself. If it ends up missing out because it doesn’t have the money for upgrades or Cheap Ireland Soccer Jerseys couldn’t bring in a better option than what Mauer has provided and will provide next year, this contract will be hard to overlook.

Bruce could continue to play in right field since the Mets seemingly are sticking with Michael Conforto in center.

That didn’t come to fruition as many expected though, with Reed and Duda being the only major pieces traded despite the Mets being far out of contention for this year’s postseason.

However, that doesn’t mean they are standing pat for the rest of the season.’s Mark Feinsand reports that although the market just wasn’t there to trade Granderson or Bruce before the deadline, August trades are possible for both or either of them.

SNY’s Adam Rubin confirms that Sandy Alderson is fine trading players next month should they clear waivers and that it makes sense to do so based on the need for suitable playing time for the outfield.

For now, Bruce could continue to play in right field since the Mets seemingly are sticking with Michael Conforto in center. The team could extend a qualifying offer in the offseason if a trade doesn’t happen before then, which Newsday’s Marc Carig says Bruce probably would not take, therefore granting the Mets some compensation when he leaves town.

Oh, I know better than to doubt the Royals. They shouldn’t be here in the first place. For the first 45 days of the season, when I was writing article after article about how the Giants were on fire and running straight for the oxygen tent, I was mad at the Royals because they were so bad offensively that it forced me to write things like, “The Giants are the worst offensive team in the National League” or “the Giants are the 29th worst offense in baseball.” Ruined the impact.

Since then, they’ve gone 3-10, including getting swept in a four-game home-away stretch against the Cardinals, which put both teams here. They have six more games on the road trip (against the two Cheap Google Jerseys worst teams in the AL), and then they’ll start a 15-game stretch against contending teams. If Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys they can’t make up Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys ground against the White Sox and A’s, they’ll be in a dilly of a pickle.

The Orioles didn’t sell, and now they’re back in the postseason chase

The Orioles were 48-54 on July 28, 6.5 games behind in the American League wild card race and 7.5 back in the AL East. They considered selling throughout the weekend before the trade deadline, as they were talking to three different teams about closer Zach Britton. Baltimore expected a haul for Britton, an Andrew Miller-esque haul, according to Ken Rosenthal, but negotiations fell apart, as they often do when the O’s are involved.

We could criticize Baltimore for their severe lack of people skills, whether they stem from general manager Dan Duquette or owner Peter Angelos, or we could discuss how it seems like their indecision over the weekend and inevitable call to hold on to Britton might have ended up giving the O’s new life in 2017. That’s because Baltimore has won five games in a row, and suddenly, they’re only 2.5 back of a wild card spot, and attempting to reach .500 on Thursday against the Tigers.

Listen, we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn’t easy. It’s OK, though. Subscribe to our daily MLB newsletter and let us do the heavy lifting for you each morning to find the things you need to see.

The Mets, who are not good and already know their 2018 financial commitments will fall nearly $100 million from this year’s salary, chose a few million dollars more saved now rather than adding prospects they liked to the organization. It’s a very Mets thing, one that looks even worse for them when you realize Chinese Cheap Jerseys that the Wilpons, who own the team, very likely did not Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys want to make a deal with that other New York club, especially one that could help the Yanks succeed in making or thriving in the postseason.

Mets fans probably don’t deserve what they get from this team, but Mets management absolutely does.