The Chiefs are about to find out just how fast Hunt can learn on the job.

In the conclusion of his decision, Henderson explained that as arbitrator, it was his job to evaluate the fairness of the NFL’s process in which it penalized Elliott, not whether the punishment was fitting.

“The review is to determine whether the player was afforded adequate notice of his alleged violation, the right to representation, opportunity to present evidence, and a decision which is fair and consistent,” Henderson wrote. “In a case involving violation of a policy, fair and consistent means whether the process and result were in compliance with the terms of that policy. This one is, in every respect.”

The Chiefs are about to find out just how fast Hunt can learn on the job. He had a tough time getting going on Friday, rushing for just 39 yards on nine carries against the Seattle Seahawks. With the famously risk-averse Alex Smith under center, the Chiefs need a functional running game to move the chains and keep their top-tier defense rested.

On the other hand, Ware’s loss creates a lot of uncertainty on the Chiefs’ side. The severity of his knee injury is not yet known, but nothing on the field indicated that Ware will be Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys playing again soon.

The study is led by an Australian researcher who once described American coverage of CTE as “carry-on and hoo-hah” and a British doctor whose concussion presentations sometimes have included flippant jokes and video of tumbling jockeys set to slapstick music. At one Cheap Bike Jerseys presentation, the widow of a CTE victim, a former British soccer star, was so offended she stormed out of the room.

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