What did he show James?

The Warriors also have another option up their sleeve: Durant as the ball handler and Curry as the screener in a 3-1 pick-and-roll, similar to what the Cavaliers run with James and Irving. Curry is a better screener than Durant, and Durant is one of the best pick-and-roll scorers in the NBA. He can pull-up from the perimeter and midrange like he’s a taller version of Curry, and he finish Cheap Eagles Jerseys at the basket with the best of them. He’s also a gifted passer for his height, so he easily see over defenders and find Curry popping to the 3-point line if teams double him when he turns the corner.

Curry isn’t the roller Green and Durant are, but teams have no idea how to defend him when he’s used as a screener.

“I thought he saw LeBron went out and he wanted to put the team on his shoulders and on his back and let the team ride him until LeBron got back,” Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said. “He did that.”

What did he show James?

“Nothing,” James said with a smile. “Same thing I’ve been saying since I got here. I’ve been saying he’s a special kid and a special talent. As the stakes get higher and higher, his game gets higher and higher. It’s not a surprise.”

Irving scored nine points over that crucial stretch, and Cleveland trailed 57-47 at halftime — the same 10-point margin as when James left.

“The importance of Game 4, especially the way we came out in Game 3,” Irving started before finishing what he was thinking during that stretch. “In the back of my mind I’m saying to myself, ‘They cannot tie up the series.'”

Irving then took over with his dominant 21-point third quarter. That went well with James, who finished with 24 points in the second half.

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