This Cavs core can’t match the Warriors in terms of overall wins

It feels like years ago at this point, but after Cleveland lost seven of its last 11 games in the regular season and handed the No. 1 seed to the Celtics, there was serious concern about the Cavs overcoming inconsistent play and porous defense and escaping the Eastern Conference playoffs. So much for that.

This Cavs core can’t match the Warriors in terms of overall wins, but Cleveland has absolutely torched the East when playoff time arrives with six sweeps in its last three playoff trips behind the reliable excellence of LeBron James (more on him later).

You’ll never get him to admit it, but for Durant here in the last five-plus weeks, things have gotten mighty easy. Now, after Golden State’s 129-115 win over San Antonio, he has helped the Warriors back to their third-straight Finals appearance.

That, after all, is why he opted to bolt the Thunder and sign with Cheap Bruins Jerseys the Warriors 10 months ago following a grueling postseason that was cut short by a seven-game series loss to those same Warriors in the West finals. He wanted to participate in the Finals for just the second time in his career, and he wanted to get a taste of the Warriors’ magic, letting the Golden State offense remind him just how easy the game can be.

Maybe that, as many suggested when Durant signed with the Warriors (and are still suggesting now), makes Durant a certain kind of sniveler and coward, hopping on the frontrunner’s engine while it’s already chugging along. He has heard plenty of that chatter. But the trip to the Finals is now a certainty, and that should make all the knocks he has suffered this year well worth the aggravation.

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