In Mark Cuban’s mind, Russell Westbrook is not an MVP candidate

Mark Cuban has some kind of thing for Russell Westbrook the Mavericks owner never misses a chance to knock the Thunder guard down a few pegs.

According to pretty much everybody, Westbrook is the second favorite to win this season’s NBA MVP award. Listed at +120 odds at Bovada, Westbrook is behind only James Harden, the odds-on favorite at -150 (via Odds Shark).

According to Cuban, though, Westbrook is not even an MVP candidate, let alone a favorite.

Leonard was fouled a few seconds after that, following a LaMarcus Aldridge block. Leonard hit both free throws to put the Spurs up by four.

The Rockets closed to within a bucket with 10 seconds left, then opted to not foul, and San Antonio was able to dribble out the clock. Leonard was nearly called for an eight-second violation in the backcourt, but he managed to throw the ball to Aldridge to secure a 112-110 win.

Leonard isn’t out of the NBA MVP race just yet, and he’s closing out the season strong. Monday, he had 39 points, six rebounds and five assists. Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and James Harden have another competitor.

Essentially, the Big Diesel says Durant can’t say anything until he wins a title. Until then, he’s just another whiny NBA player.

Moreover, Miller has proven to be a very good defensive coach, but his offense is seen as relatively unimaginative. The fact that he’s been unable to get the Wildcats over the Final Four hump is another downside.

“He is obviously a smart basketball guy, but he has some New York Yankees Cheap Jerseys of the hallmarks of guys who have not done well in the NBA,” one scout said. “With the right team, he might have some New England Patriots Cheap Jerseys success. But he’s not a sure thing at all.”

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